Our New Line Of Placenta+ Cbd Products

Our Placenta+ Tincture is the first product in our         Placenta+ Line available to clients

Placenta+ Tinctures are handcrafted right here at Carolina Placenta Remedies. We make all of our very own cbd infusions in house. Why have we opted to make our own infusions instead of just purchasing commercial cbd infusions. We feel that choosing what strain of hemp flower is used in our cbd infusions, we can make make infusions that will be of the best benefit to our postpartum clients healing.  

Placenta+ Tinctures

2 oz - 150mg Cbd  30 doses* -  $30.00

4 oz - 300mg Cbd  60 doses* - $40.00

8 oz - 600mg Cbd  120 doses*- $65.00

                                   * doses per bottle are based off suggested usage.

Placenta+ Products Coming Soon

Placenta+ Chocolates

Placenta+ Healing Salve

Placenta+ Cookies

Placenta+ Smoothies

These are 6 of the most reported benefits of Cbd use in the Postpartum Period. We will go over each and share links to research on each topic

There has not been much research on using Cbd products while Breastfeeding/ Chestfeeding. There is also no evidence of it causing any harm. Learn more about Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding and Cbd 

Safety matters more than ever when a new baby depends on you. Many new parents worry about the effects of using Cbd. It doesn't help that several agencies have issued statements cautioning against Cbd use. Much like the statements that have been made about placenta consumption. These statements, however, are rooted in and bias, not research. There is no evidence that Cbd is harmful when used in small or moderate doses. This is why we have chosen to handcraft our own Cbd infusions for our products. All of our Placenta+ products are micro-dosed Cbd.