We Have Proudly Supported Birthing Families Since 2016

Providing Birthing Families With The Natural Healing Benefits Of Placenta Encapsulation and Placenta Remedies For A Positive Postpartum Recovery

Carolina Placenta Remedies is the leading placenta remedies expert in the South East, offering the largest variety of placenta based remedies and methods to our clients.

The placenta is an amazing organ. They nurture life in the womb from the time they are formed, but their role and influence do not cease at birth. Instead. They are perfectly created to nourish the birth person and help with natural healing for a positive postpartum recovery.  Placenta remedies enable your system to gradually balance itself, and ease the postpartum transition. 

Meet Your Certified Specialist

April Hall-Gill

April Hall-Gill, Founder of 

Carolina Placenta Remedies LLC


Creator of Placenta Plus

Placenta and Cbd infusions.


She is a wife and the mother of 5 beautiful daughters and grandmother of 2 amazing girls. She worked as a CPHT (Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician) For 7 years with Eckerd Drugs and 5 years with the GHS Cancer Treatment Center as a Chemotherapy Technician.


I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth and knew that one day I would choose a career in birth work. At the time I didn’t know what that would look like exactly or what path of birth work I would follow.


Her journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, lead her to discover Placentophagy and all of the amazing natural benefits. She began her studies in Placenta Encapsulation and Placenta Remedies in 2015. She trained with IPPA in 2016 as a Professional Placenta Specialist. In 2016 she began her studies in Placenta Remedies and Placenta Stem Cell Consulting with Brilliant Birth Academy. She completed training and was Certified as a Placenta Specialist and Consultant in 2018. 


 She believes that many families are not receiving adequate support during their postpartum period or the months after, that they need to ensure they have a positive healing transition into parenthood. This lead her to further her training as a 

Maternal Support Practitioner with 

Bebo Mia Inc, Birthkeeper with H.E.R.B.A.L Birth Academy, Family Postpartum Planner with Seven Sisters for Seven Days & Newborn Care Specialist with Gentle Ventures


Meet My Family


The safety of my clients is my first priority

I am a Double Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. I have both my Food Safety Handling Certification and OSHA Approved Blood Borne Pathogen Certification.  I am hospital clean room and cross-contamination trained. We work in a professional placenta studio to ensure the highest safety standards in a controlled environment. We only use EPA, OSHA approved sanitizer and disinfectants to make sure that any and all pathogens are eliminated.

We only work with one clients placenta at a time from start to finish to make certain there is no possibility of cross-contamination. We have included a Client name and Phone # tags on each of our clients cooler kits. This is to ensure every placenta is properly labeled and identifiable at all times.

We take every step necessary to guarantee each and every placenta is safely store, processed, and delivered by a business that our clients can trust.


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