Placenta Pick-Up & Delivery

Local  Pickup -  Included with Placenta Services 

Placenta Pick up is provided 7 days a week 9 am - 7 pm


  Prisma Grove Rd 

Prisma Patewood 

 Prisma Greer 

 St. Francis Eastside 

 Spartanburg Regional 

Anmed Maternity Center

   Greenville & Spartanburg Birth Centers or Home Births within 1hour 



 In- Person Placenta Pick-up and Delivery of Placenta Packages

30 mins - $25.00 

1 Hour - $50.00
1.5 hours  - $75.00
 2 hours - $100.00
2.5 hours - $125.00
Free Priority Shipping of Finished Products 
(Smoothies cannot be shipped)

If  you are looking to book placenta services and are currently in labor or have already given birth.

Please  Send text message to schedule your placenta services 

(864) 346-8986


How to safely store your placenta  after delivery


The placenta must be put on ice within 3 hours of delivery. It can be kept on ice for up to 24 hours, but you need to ensure that the ice is refreshed as it melts. After 24 hours, the placenta should be transferred to the freezer and frozen.

If you choose to store the placenta in the refrigerator, it is only safe for encapsulation for 4 days post delivery. 



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If you are located more than 2 hours from Greenville, Sc  Nationwide Shipping Option Are Available

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