Placenta Remedies

Placenta Encapsulation - $250.00


Placenta Powder - $200.00

Placenta Cubes (Frozen Raw Cubes) - $200.00


Healing Salve  4oz - $30.00


Placenta Tincture 4oz - $30.00


Placenta Print - $15.00


Traced Prints - $25.00


Cord Keepsake - Included


Painted Cord Keepsakes - $5.00


Placenta Chocolate - $25.00/ 54 pieces


Post Birth Smoothie - $25.00 


Ready Made Frozen Smoothie Pouches 

$40.00 / 5  pouches 

$75.00 / 10 Pouches


 Birthers Broth - $5.00

Placenta Cookies  $25.00/ per dozen 


Placenta Body Oil  $20.00 / 4 oz 


Placenta+ Tinctures (Cbd)

 150 mg - 2 oz - $40.00

500mg - 4 oz - $65.00

1500mg - 4 oz - $125.00




Free Digital Photos of you placenta by request

Cooler Kit - Name & Instruction Tags

Natural Blood Print on Canvas

Color print on Canvas

Glitter Prints

Ready made Frozen Smoothie Pouches

Placenta Infused Cookies

Placenta Powder

Placenta Capsules

Placenta Tincture

Birthers Broth

Placenta Infused Chocolates

We keep the process simple for you with our pick up and delivery services*

Starting January 1st, 2021

Pick up and delivery of the placenta and placenta products are included

within the Greenville County.

 Hospital Included  Prisma- Grove Rd, Prisma -Patewood, Prisma -Greer, St. Francis- Eastside


There will be a transportation fee for all placenta pick ups outside of Greenville County 
Starting at $25.00 per hour travel time
All finished placenta products that are outside of Greenville, Sc can be shipped to you
Priority Mail though the USPS at No charge 
Delivery Fee for placenta outside Greenville County 
Starts at $25.00 per hour travel time
This is so that we can ensure you receive your products within the 3-7 days of your birth

There is a $75.00 non-refundable deposit due at time services are booked for local placenta encapsulation services. Payment plans are available on all services.  

Nationwide Placenta Services

We Offer A Simple, Safe, And Affordable Shipping Option For Birthing Families Outside Of Upstate, Sc

 We provide our clients with everything needed to safe and securely ship their frozen placenta to us to be prepared into healing placenta remedies. 



Included in our Nationwide Package

Cooler Shipping Kit And Instructions  

Dry Ice and Placenta Storage Bags

Cooler Kit Shipped To Your Home 

Return UPS Shipping Label 

All Finished Products Shipped To Back To You In Just 5-7 days 

Placenta Package Includes -$300.00

Placenta Capsule in any of our 4 preparation methodsCord Keepsake

Additional Placenta Remedies Available With Shipping

Placenta Powder

Placenta Tincture

Canvas Placenta Prints

Placenta Plus Tincture

 Organic Herbal Products