It's Okay !!

 As I was scrolling though my Instagram yesterday, I came across a post about the use of Prescription medication for Depression among women in the reproductive years. I just really feel like it is something I need to talk about it.

 I want to share my person thoughts, opinions, and experience with Depression, Anxiety, Prescription medication. and Placenta remedies.

 A little back story for those that don't  know me. I am the mother of 5 beautiful daughters. They are between the ages of 23 and 5 years old.  I am a mother that suffered from postpartum depression following the birth of each of my children. I am also I women that suffers from anxiety still.  I talk every open and honestly with my Placenta clients about my depression and  anxiety. I also talk about my use of prescription medication, placenta remedies, and other natural remedies as well.



What may surprise some people, being that I am a huge advocate for the use of placenta encapsulation and placenta remedies for supporting your postpartum recovery. I am also very much a supporter of the use of prescription medication, and counselling for Postpartum depression and anxiety. 


The number one reason most people look into placenta encapsulation is for it's ability to ward off the Baby Blue's. An while it does help, and why so many swear by placenta encapsulation, it is not a fix all or a magic pill ! There are times when more support is needed, and IT'S OKAY !


With the birth of my 3 oldest daughters, who are all now in their early 20's. I suffered in silence! There was no support from my medical providers or medication given. I was simple told to brush it off and I would feel better.

Well that was a joke if I ever heard one. There is no simple way to brush off your hormones, which can be a huge cause for baby blues and PPD in the early weeks - months of the postpartum period. 


If you are not familiar with placenta encapsulation and how it works to help let me explain. There is a list of all these wonderful hormones your placenta creates while you are pregnant, to support the growth of your baby. However, when you give birth to your baby and placenta, these hormones stop. In the 72 hours hours following the birth these hormones 

have completely left your blood stream. Which can lead to a lot of people starting to feel very emotional and overwhelmed. It takes time for your body to self regulate your hormones, sometimes longer if you are breastfeeding. That is where your placenta capsules can help. The placenta capsules are there to replace some of the hormones that were lost, helping you support your body while your system starts to regulate your hormones on it's own again.  However, sometimes it just isn't enough and you will find yourself needing to seek out more support. IT'S OKAY !


Do I have to stop taking my placenta capsules if I start prescription medication?  NO, you do not have to stop your capsules if you start a medication for PPD or PPA. Placenta capsules serve many other benefits to you during your postpartum. I still personally use a placenta tincture along with my prescription medication (Prozac) along with Cbd and other supplements. These are all things you can research or discuss with your care provider.


If you are someone who is pregnant and worried about postpartum depression, or someone that thinks you maybe suffering from postpartum depression. IT'S OKAY !  There is support out there to help you deal with these issues. We need to talk and support our birthing community no one should have suffer in silence or feel ashamed for needing support. 


It's okay if your serotonin comes from a medicine bottle!